Celebrating 7 years on the web and over 80,000 hits!

Every site has a story to tell! Mine was created on Geocities as "Kuririn-chan's Marron Shrine!" on Christmas Eve, 1999. Originally many images were loaned to me by the webmistress at The Marron Shrine (now defunct for many years), whose site was the only other one out there. I was a fairly-new DBZ fan so I looked for friends among other webmistresses, and a few days after the site's creation a club called GirlZ formed under the other Yahoo Clubs webspace. Here I met many great friends who I still keep in touch with (Has it really been so long? o.o) and my site grew and flourished.

Of course, all good things must come to an end, and obsessions come and go. Along the way I created a dozen or more other anime websites, none quite as thorough as this. The heart of the matter was that I was no longer interested in DBZ except for nostalgic purposes, and I updated the site out of guilt, habit, and pride. Many Marron sites had popped up, some good, some bad. (Mostly bad.) Many of them stole the images and sounds I had worked hard to make as well as ones that other kind friends had given me for my site. In February 2004 I sat down, cleaned out the broken links, wrote my good-bye message, and abandoned the shrine.

In October of that year I began to rethink the decision. I missed working on the site and it was in too poor shape to link to anymore. I went out and rented a DVD and made screencaps, drew some new art, fashioned a new layout, and put it all back up, but never gave the URL out to anyone, and hemmed and hawed over potential new names. In the end I didn't have the energy to get the gallery running again, though I did temporarily dub the site "Rosť". Honestly, this name was something I made up as a placeholder when writing the index's HTML. I intended to go back and replace it with the actual site name, but it just may stick. It is pronounced "Roh-ZAY", the name of a character on Fullmetal Alchemist, and a play on the color pink.

July of 2006 saw a revival of the GirlZ Palace LJ community. While digging through my old website looking for material to share, I found myself rehauling the gallery, as I'd planned to do nearly two years before. I finished, and put up the Icons section, and took all the manga images into Photoshop to fix them up, and edited the information sections. Again I withheld an actual re-opening.

In a most predictable manner, in 2007 with the release of the DBZ Uncut boxsets I found myself slipping back into the fandom, or at least my own private little corner, far away from the scarier denizens of the Internet. I started writing out the information pages "just in case" I ever got the site fixed up. Heh. I even changed the index page at the old Geocities site so it no longer redirected to the defunct address.

Once again I'm looking at a re-opening, and this time I'm going for it!

Enjoy. :)

-Kuririn-chan, 04/10/2007