Tokyo Big Sight

.::Bakemon flying around in the West Hall concourse::.

Tokyo Big Sight is the popular nickname for the Tōkyō Kokusai Tenjijō (Tōkyō International Exhibition Center), a large-scale convention centre that opened in April 1996. It is one of the largest convention venues within the city, and its most iconic representation is the visually-distinctive Conference Tower. Also highly recognizable is Claes Oldenburg's sculpture of a giant saw plunged into the earth (titled Saw, Sawing) outside the building. You can reach Tokyo Big Sight from Kokusai-Tenjijō Station or by boat from the Tokyo Big Sight water bus station.

.::Outside the Main Entrance Hall::.

The convention centre (labelled "Tokyo Big Fight" on its signage, but seemingly referred to normally in dialogue) is where Vamdemon holds the people of Odaiba captive when he is searching for the eighth child. Recognizable areas of the convention centre are visible in all of these episodes, but most evident in 35, Odaiba no Yōsei! Lilymon Kaika when Togemon/Lilymon fight a DarkTyranomon alongside Oldenburg's sculpture.

.::The Conference Tower viewed from a Suijo Bus::.

.::Around the Conference Tower and Main Entrance Hall::.

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