The Yurikamome (Shinkōtsū Yurikamome, formally known as the Tōkyō Rinkai Shinkōtsū Rinkai-sen [Tōkyō Waterfront New Transit Waterfront Line]) is an automated guideway transit service connecting Shimbashi to Toyosu. It is controlled entirely by computers with no drivers on board. Riding on the Yurikamome gives visitors a panoramic view of both mainland Tōkyō and Odaiba, and the line is named after the black-headed seagull, a common denizen of Tōkyō Bay and the official prefectural bird; seagull motifs appear essentially everywhere and are the icon of Odaiba.

Odaiba is serviced by three railway lines, but only the prolific Yurikamome features in Digimon. Scenes of trains arriving and departing are often visible (a train pulling into Odaiba-kaihinkōen Station is one of the first images of the city we witness, in episode 21, "Koromon Tōkyō Daigekitotsu!") and even the interiors of stations are accurately depicted when Vamdemon's fog shuts down the transit systems.

At the time of Digimon Adventure's airing, the Yurikamome terminated at Ariake and Shiodome Station (between Shimbashi and Takeshiba) had not yet been built. The maps in the screenshots of Jou above show this older route. Shiodome would open in 2002 and link to the new extension of the Ōedo-sen (formerly the Jūnigō-sen), and the northeast area of Odaiba would be connected via the new Ariake-tennis-no-mori, Shijō-mae, Shin-toyosu and Toyosu stations.

Regular bus stops as well as the water bus wharfs are most commonly found alongside Yurikamome stations, as we see when Jou, Takeru and Natsuko attempt to take the water bus from the pier near Hinode Station.

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