A little about Marron.

Name: Marron
Age: 3 (DBZ, Buu-saga), 13 (DBZ, final episodes), 23 (DBGT)
Gender: Female
Height: about 5'4"
Eye color: Black (when young), blue (older)
Hair color: Blonde
Location: Kame House
Favorite colors: Red, pink
Fears: Heights
Family: Kuririn (father), Juuhachigou (mother), Juunanagou (uncle)
Appears in episodes: 205, 209, 211, 215 (listing incomplete)

Marron and her family live on Kame Island with Kamesennin and Umigame. She is very close to her parents; even accompanying them to a Tenkaichi Budokai to cheer them on. Both Juuhachigou and Kuririn are very protective of their daughter, and Marron and Kuririn especially have a bond. When she is older she continues to live with her parents, and seems just as close to them as ever. She is fairly quiet and usually wears dresses, and when she was younger she wore her hair in high pigtails with red ribbons. The pigtails are still there when she is older, sometimes being worn high up on her head, and sometimes low and tucked behind her ears. She often wears a pink hat when her hair is in this style.

It is a common misconception that Marron was named after her father's ex-girlfriend, shown in the Garlic Junior saga. This is not the case - those episodes were anime filler only and were not part of Toriyama's manga.

Marron has had her share of dealing with her parents' enemies; she was turned into chocolate by Majin Buu during the Buu Saga and this may have influenced her dislike of fighting. She was also possessed by Bebi in the GT series, but was healed fairly quickly. Growing up in peacetime Marron was never trained to be a fighter like her parents, unlike Bra who had received a small amount of training from her father, Vegeta.

Marron tends to keep to herself and may or may not have been friends with Pan, Goten, and Trunks, the children of the other z-warriors, though she has been seen standing beside Bra in official art. Being secluded on Kame Island may have furthur added to Marron's shyness. Regardless, she loves to shop and be with her parents, and as for her love life, not much is known.