How to get your fanart, fanfics, doujinshi, AMVs and other contributions on the site!

As it stands, I don't do a lot of updating. However, I do accept submissions for new content, whether it be artwork, writing, AMVs or any other fan material of Marron that you may want to share. I do ask that if you do contribute, that your submission feature Marron prominently if possible - she doesn't have to be a primary character in your fanfic, but a single mention of her name isn't enough to warrant placement on the site.

I ask that fanfics be pre-converted to HTML if possible, and if you would like me to credit your website, send along a link as well. Fanart can be either linked to or attached to the e-mail, as you prefer. Gmail is great for sending and receiving attachements.

That said, I am pretty agreeable, and always happy to showcase the work of other Marron fans. Please send anything you'd like me to add to