~ July 12/2012 ~

Couple of new avatars added. Enjoy!

~ March 14/2009 ~

Some minor tweaking - the page wasn't displaying at all in Internet Explorer 8. Some bit of miscoding that had worked perfectly in all prior versions chose to go awry. :P Seems OK now!

~ January 14/2008 ~

Just a few minor updates to the Links and Awards/Gifts sections, a new video, and four new LJ avatars. Happy new year!!

~ June 15/2007 ~

Um...suffice to say that EVERYTHING has been updated. New layout, new images everywhere, plus all the old ones have been colour-corrected. New Adoptions, Videos, Sounds, Avatars, Adoptions, Links, info in the Seiyuu section, Parents section, Romance section, Profile section and three sets of new screencaps are up.

New counter and guestbook too. ^^ Counter has been set to reflect the total Geocities was keeping for me; it may be a little under, but it'll do.

~ June 14/2007 ~

New screencaps are up! We're looking at some new hosting, too!

~ April 10/2007 ~

The info is back and updated, plus the Geocities site no longer redirects to the dead URL. n.n;

~ July 19/2006 ~

The gallery is back, and so are the icons. I guess we could call this a new beginning!

~ October 27/2004 ~

I thought I'd never have time for this again, but I really missed doing this every once in a while. So I sat down and overhauled everything--brand-new name, HTML, galleries, sections, info, screencaps, and more. Please enjoy it, and all links should now point to . Thank you so much!